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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update on Gaby

So it has been exactly 2 years today that I have posted. WOW, how time flies and how things change.

I was in a relationship that was going no where and now I have found the love of my life in the past two months and OMG, I can't believe how spectacular things are going.

I work with Wayne (in the picture) and have for about a year now. Little did I know he was watching me while I was working or just walking into the courtroom. He finally got the nerve to ask a co-worker of his if she knew me. Later that day we were emailing back and forth and the very next day we went on our first date. I so love first dates. First dates can be so unforgetable. We went to one of my friends' house after work for a few minutes before going to dinner, then we went to dinner and a walk in the park and just walked around and talked for HOURS!! He lives about an hour from the city I lived in and I felt bad because it was after midnight when he got home, and we had to work the next day. Our second date was Friday, May 20th...we went to the Dodger game. Well, needless to say, a lot of memories were created on the drive and when we got to the parking lot...my friend Christen had made me a drink for the 2 hour ride to the game and we stopped for me to use the restroom and I got another drink...well, by the time we got into the stadium, I had to use the restroom! There were so many cars in front of us and I felt like a kid doing the dance in the car when finally I found a space the little rental car could fit into. Thank goodness...oh wait...it was still too far from an entrance. Can you can say, BIG SUV? Yep, I totally went to the bathroom in the stadium. Oopsie!! :) Well, we finally got our seats and more beer and food to eat. But I had realized on the walk to the entrance that I had forgotten my sweater...Wayne totally bought me a sweatshirt later that evening. It was such a great night and I had a ton of fun. The Dodgers lost, but the night ended with fireworks after the game. The field was full of specators and we just stayed in our seats to watch. We took tons of pictures...oh wait, I took tons of drunk pictures. I didn't want to leave.

We made the 2 hour trip home to Bakersfield and we stayed at his uncles place. The next morning, Wayne drove me to pick up my vehicle. Since then we have been inseparable.

As you may remember, I was dating and living with this guy who turned out to be so impatient with me and my children and it got to the point where he didn't want to get married. Well after months of living with each other for a second time, it was time to call that relationship quits. I was asked by Wayne if he was the rebound relationship...I eloquently informed him that Chris was his own rebound relationship. I felt bad, but it was the actual truth.

Wayne and I have been together for just over 2 months and I can't believe I found another best friend. Wayne broke down all the walls around my heart and I his, and we are so happy together. I moved in within a month. We are so happy together and I can't imagine myself with anybody else. This relationship feels so comfortable and perfect that we are already talking about getting married next year. Between the two of us we will have 3 boys and 2 girls. I'm so excited. I feel I am already close to his daughters and it feels like we are truly one big happy family. We are slowly but surely getting the girls more often than what Wayne was getting them. I know it makes it easier on him. And he needs to be a huge part in their life. Just like I am in the boys' life.

I can't wait to blog about what's going on in our new family in the future. I'm so excited that I just want to share it with everyone.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to the week ahead!! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Job Update for Thursday Thirteen

Thank you to Cindi for my TT header today.

I've been really bad lately with my blog but thought today would be a good day to give an update on the 13 things I like best about my new job!

1. I am a government employee who actually works her little bottom off, despite what most people say. But I guess that since I work in a courtroom, that would be a given.

2. I don't have to deal with my old whiny boss anymore.

3. I don't have to make friends with these new people, so I don't have to worry about personal backstabbing.

4. I have more holidays off because we follow the state holidays. The only thing that bites is that we don't get Christmas eve off because we get Caesar Chavez day instead (stupid California), oh well.

5. It's very interesting to see the type of people that come into a courtroom for regular Civil matters. Right now, I'm in a courtroom that handles small claims, name changes and unlawful detainers (Landlord's trying to evict their Tenant's for not paying rent). Oh, and harrassments, people trying to get restraining orders. Trying being the operative word here.

6. I have picked up the basics to doing the minute orders somewhat quickly. Thanks to my trainer who put together a cheat sheet with the codes that get inputted based on the case. Items need to be added, but at least it gives you a place to start.

7. I can now walk across the street every other Thursday to get my nails done. Happy dance going on for that one. No more having to fight downtown lunch traffic or trying to find a parking space. Oh, and I'm exercising myself by walking.

8. My courtroom is currently in the basement, therefore I get no cell phone coverage, therefore, the kids can't call me every 10 minutes to complain about each other.

9. Everyone, and I mean everyone that I have met are very nice and want to help you. I am truly grateful for that!!!!

10. I won't have to pay an arm and a leg for benefits. Just a finger or two. hahaha

11. I got a pay raise when I started this job :) That is always a benefit, but hey, sometimes making less is worth getting out of where you currently are, if you don't have as many deductions from your paycheck.

12. I don't start until 8:00 a.m. Which means that technically I can sleep in, but that usually gets me in trouble since I lose track of time. So since I have farther to drive, I'm trying to keep my mind on leaving at the same time I would leave previously when I had to be at work at 7:30.

13. And finally...I don't have to go out and get my law degree in order to be in the courtroom. I get to hear it all on my side of the room.

I hope everyone has a wonderful TT.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old job versus new job anxiety

Why is it that we are all having a testing week? Mir seems to be having legitmate ones as well as I and many others. Mine seemed to have started last Monday when I got back from vacation and gave my verbal two weeks notice. As soon as I told my boss that I had a start date for the new job and that is was only two weeks away, she ran out of her office and out into the hallway outside the office and started crying. I had told her I was starting to look for somethign new that I could earn more money. After she calmed down (just a little) she brought in one of the owners so I could inform him to see what he would do or say about asking me to stay. I got a middle of the fence sense of feeling from him. I agreed to go home and think about my resignation over night and to call either him or my boss with any questions or concerns I had. Well I already knew my answer since I accepted the positon prior to going on vacation.

While making my announcement of my resignation during a staff meeting, I got a little upset because it was hard for me to tell these women (3 of whom I've worked with for over 6 years, almost 7) that I was leaving. Everyone has congratulation comments for me and wanting to know about my new position. All except 1 person. Job hater is what I will call her. Job hater was interviewed for my current position 3 years ago when the company decided to give me the position. While I know and have proof that she had a heads up that my resignation was coming, she surely didn't hide her excitement. Job hater is one of the quietest, nosiest persons in our office. Long sotry short, I've been struggling to get the manager to see that she really isn't the right person for the job. I know I shouldn't worry about this, but I do. The only reason I am leaving this job is for better growth opportunities.

I know, it should be for more money. I mean come on, I have my masters and I don't even make double minimum wage and I do the accounting for a multi-million dollar company. I guess I can only be grateful that I have proven to be trust worthy because instead of the day I gave my resignation, it wasn't my last day. And I am very happy about that, because come on, all I would have done after just getting back from vacation is sleep in. Right now I don't have to focus on the fact that I am scared beyond all belief for my new position. I've done secretarial work before and have loved my accounting job these last three years, but this is a courtroom clerk position. I'm excited but really scared because it is new. I know change is good and once I get in there and get my feet wet, I will love it. After all I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. This is the next best thing!!

Monday I plan to hang out with my bestest friend and the one who can calm me down pretty well I must say before the big start date on Tuesday. Here's to all of us who step into the world of the unknown to face new and better challenges, and that definately includes all the SAHM and WAHms.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Who's My Daddy

Isn't this onesie just the cutest? While I don't have any little ones that would fit into this, but I do have friends with newborns who would definitely be able to grow into it, right Monica? Go check out this site, they have a lot of really cute baby clothes.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Chic Buds

Okay, so while I love these, I'm entering this contest for a fellow blogger, Kelly. I think that over the past few weeks, she deserves to win something. So in the event that I win these lovely things, I will graciously pass them on to Kelly. So keep your fingers crossed!

I'm back

I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted. I meant to post prior to going on vacation to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July, so happy belated 4th of July. I hope all of yours was much better than mine, but only as far as watching fireworks. Vacation was awesome, relaxing, but cold. Morro Bay had highs of 60, and it was foggy most of the time we were there, including during the evening of the 4th. The boys were a little bummed because all we could see was colored fog and only hear the boom. Oh well, maybe next year.

In the meantime, I got a job offer to work as a courtroom clerk for the superior courts. I'm excited and nervous. I got back from vacation and gave my 2 weeks and my boss went running out of her office crying because of it. Gotta do what you gotta do, right? I went yesterday and filled out all my paperwork and did the drug screening and physical. I start on July 24th, odd day to start, but oh well. My last day here doing the accounting thing is next Friday, the 20th. So I will get one more day off (Monday) before starting. Oh, a 3-day weekend and it's not even a holiday. How exciting!!! I know you're jealous, just kidding.

Most of the time I post during the day when I'm working, it may be a little slow for a few weeks, but I will do my best to sit down in the evening when I get home from work and share with you all my lovely little stories, and tell you all about Morro Bay.